business-appsSuccessful Marketing per Sales-App

Enter purchase orders on- and offline and send it directly

          • Access your local systems, products, product groups and stock quantities
          • Enter purchase orders and place offers for publication and print
          • Better service quality with faster booking, disposition, reservation and delivery
          • GPS-integration for optimised route planning



  • Comprehensive Service with order-app

Set suggestions and latest product innovations

          • Create and send orders on-the-spot – on your smartphone or tab – for example using our Scanning-Module
          • Supported by intelligent offline-capable Synchronisation mechanisms
          • Simple integration in existing order systems
          • Standardised consumer surveys


Fotolia_53244834_XLTying your Consumers to the location is easy with the intelligent shopping-app

Useful information directly to citizens, consumers and tourists

          • Features with high customer benefits, such as company details, opening hours and exclusive offers, event calendar, restaurant offers, inkl. reservation capabilities, favourites list, shopping basket with order options and much more….
          • Interactive communication though feedback options and connection to social media networks such as facebook, twitter and many more…
          • Real-Time synchronisation for all content in web and app


Foto 1Maximize Profit at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions 

 Submitting orders on- and offline – mobile product rating

          • Mobile access to your local systems, products and brands
          • Enter purchase orders for offline-print including order options, booking, disposition and reservation
          • Evaluate and display consumer feedback directly on product Level


iStock_000015648806LargeMore Service at Trade Fairs and Exhibitions

Visitor information simply and directly

          • Local real-time marketing sending Push messages with the latest iBeacon Technology
          • Push exclusive Offers on Approach
          • Quick identification of products, branches and Services
          • Easy On-Site Navigation


iStock_000003110366LargeExciting Features for Seminars and Conferences

Direct communication on every surface

          • Automated participant check-in
          • Find seminar rooms and contact partners quickly and easily
          • Track visitor information simply and directly
          • Local and context related communication and interaction with participants and Speakers



Information and Interaction in Museums and Galleries

Turn your exhibition into an experience

          • Instant information on approach with the latest iBeacon technology
          • Maximum service enhancements for your exhibit using additional Information mediators such as audio, video and much more
          • Create and manage On-Site Tours and Navigation
          • Evaluate visitor feedback and more


iStock_000015650400MediumIdeal companion for service and security employees

Alerting, Guiding, Tracking und To-Do’s

          • Simple administration of route plans, schedules, task checklists and much more
          • Interact with employees as they approach checkpoints using the latest ibeacon technology
          • Intuitive management of staff, employee teams and shift schedules

We will be gladly available for consultation on creating your app and regarding the integration with existing systems and processes.