The flexible appyvenues-Kit. Customisable to fit your needs

      • Easy built mobile app
      • secure data bases for your, our and in the future collected data
      • uncomplicated beacon-Management for assigning functions, categories and content
      • simple survey management
      • an easy-to-use gift-certificate and discount offer management system
      • compatible with all other appy-products appyshopper



Relevant information and optimum service for your location

      • Text, image and video information per app and web for your target consumer community
      • Interactive communication for your consumers (connection to social media networks such as facebook, twitter etc.)
      • Integration of existing systems and processes with the help of our integration tools (order- and reservation features in the app e.g.)
      • Features with high customer benefits, such as company details, opening hours and exclusive offers, event calendar, restaurant offers, inkl. reservation capabilities, favourites list, shopping basket with order options and much more…more information at www.appyshopper.comappybeacons



Uncounted possibilities for sales increase and information

      • Exclusive consumer for your clients and consumers
      • Enhance consumer experience through Loyalty functions
      • Evaluate consumer behaviour
      • Anonoymous statisticsiInformation (app & web)
      • Surveys and evaluation capabilities.
      • More information and presentation video at www.appybeacons.com



Everything you ever wanted to know about your customers

      • Analyse consumer habits and behaviour
      • Anonymous Statistics Information (App & Web)
      • Surveys
      • Evaluation capabilities



Keep consumers coming back with mobile coupons and loyalty points

      • Keep consumer frequency levels high
      • Increase sales and win regular customers
      • Simplified handling through the consumer via App
      • Gaming factor using the opportunity to collect points
      • Maximise productivity with mobile business applications using


Stay flexible and pick the features you need.